I’m Jason Hughes and am on the Graduates Committee. I have been involved with APPCIOS since the BPC site visit last summer, following on from having worked at Thornby Hall between 1995 – 2006. I have since qualified as a psychodynamic counsellor having studied at Leicester University, and now work at the university as a student counsellor, at a company providing care in children’s homes as a therapeutic consultant, and as a private practitioner in Leicester.

I am keen to find ways of introducing APPCIOS trainings into a variety of settings, and look forward to meeting new members at the launch.


One thought on “Introductions

  1. Hi
    I’m Emma Higgs, also of the Graduates Committee. I too have been involved with APPCIOS since July last year. I am currently working in Manchester with pregnant schoolgirls and will soon take up a new post offering therapeutic /attachment support to foster carers in Wirral. I worked at Thornby Hall between 1998 -2006, followed by four years working for a Charity undertaking parenting and attachment assessment for the courts and local authorities.
    It was very apparent to me when leaving Thornby Hall that understanding and working with organisational dynamics was rare, if not absent from most of the organisations I came into contact with. I have felt concerned about the lack of thinking in this area.
    I am very keen to try an promote awareness and establish trainings through APPCIOS and would very much like to meet and talk to others who are interested.

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