Thoughts on the Launch Day Event

Hi. Hopefully there will be some new members and friends browsing the blog following the launch event today – welcome to you! Please feel free to leave comments here regarding your experience of the day and points you may wish to raise.


12 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Launch Day Event

  1. It was a thought-provoking day, if a rather strange experience to be part of. As in all groups, the dynamics were difficult at times. I met some some really interesting people who I hope to have more contacts with and I’m interested in the continuing evolution of the group.

  2. Hello Donna; Thank you for posting this. I would be very interested to hear about how you found the experience: what was strange and what was difficult. Can you say a little more?

  3. Hi Jenny, I think the group felt less ‘formed’ than I expected, and I think there was a lot of uncertainty about what the day was for and why we had been invited. At certain points I felt a bit like a gatecrasher at a family party. On the one hand, I feel like it’s a real opportunity to be a part of this process of deciding what APPCIOS is all about, but on the other hand I think I’d quite like all of that thinking to have been done beforehand and I could then just get involved in an organisation that knows what it wants and what its doing… I think, on the whole, I’m glad that I’ve been invited to be involved while the thinking is still taking place (of course, when does it ever stop…). I think that a vibrant psychodynamic group, with strong leadership could really make a difference to many organisations working today, and to practitioners working within them. I’m really interested to find out how you thought the day went, Jenny, and what has come out of it for you?

    • Hello, Donna: I said that I would say something about my own reaction to the Launch Day.

      I was very moved by the intensity of feeling amongst the participants – anger, distress, isolation. Christine Daniel writes that her hope for the survival of analytic truth has been repeatedly bruised. I share this feeling, and I thought that many other people at the Launch Day did too. It’s really hard to stay buoyant, and to turn the anger to good use.

      So I was very grateful for the experience of the Launch Day. I feel energised by the possibility of collaborating with so many other thoughtful and passionate people who share my determination to keep psychoanalytic thinking alive for the sake of vulnerable clients. I really hope we can get together to create new in-house trainings that can be clinically accredited, so that this thinking spreads further.

  4. Thanks for this, Donna. Yes, I think other people shared your feelings, and I do understand how much easier it is to be told what to do than to be expected to participate more actively! But I think that it’s crucial to this application of psychodynamic thinking that we should model an interactive organisational structure, that encourages collaboration, right from the start, through our own process of development. That doesn’t mean, of course, that we don’t have our own ideas about what we want to do and what we’re already doing.

    We’re preparing a formal response to send out to everyone who came on Saturday – but meanwhile, I’ll write something about my own personal impressions as a separate post on this blog site.

  5. Hi I’ve been thinking a lot about the APPCIOS’s launch day, and have been trying to make sense of my experience within it. In addition I’ve been wondering how on earth to introduce myself with dignity particularly as this is my first experience of a blog. So here goes:

    My name is Christine Daniel and I attended the launch having only recently discovered APPCIOS and Jenny, whilst not knowing if or how I might fit in with this new enterprise.

    What I did know is that the application of psychoanalytic theory within an organisational setting has been the centre of my NHS work for many years now, initially as a Registered Nurse, then a Counsellor, and currently as a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist.

    At the beginning of the Launch day, I felt isolated, as if I were the only person without the experience of working within a therapeutic community setting.

    Post lunch, and discovering space within the group for individual voices, I experienced the group morph from a seemingly disparate group of professionals, into a collection of highly experienced and skilled individuals attempting to make sense of an increasingly displaced Psychoanalytic world.

    My sense of hope for the survival of analytic truth has been repeatedly bruised of late which means that for me to join APPCIOS, risks re-engagement with the sense hope that a new organisation brings, at a time when there is frequent organisational closures. In writing this I have decided I would like to take the risk.

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