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This is Jan McGregor Hepburn and I am the  Registrar of the British Psychoanalytic Council [BPC]. I very much enjoyed the APPCIOS Launch Day and found it very heartening to see many new and younger people, as well as meeting with older and more established  colleagues. The BPC very much wants to involved with the development of work using applications of psychoanalytic thinking, and APPCIOS is an excellent and innovative example of this which I and the BPC are pleased to have been able to help along.

I would like to start a conversation here about what we might call the more senior practioners in this field for whom psychodynamic counsellors are not an accurate description, and what criteria and assessment should be used for them. I would be very pleased to hear from other APPCIOS people about these matters; Jenny and I are starting to think about it and planning to do some work on it in the Autumn.

Meantime, have a good summer!






I am a child psychotherapist and the lead member of the Scottish Institute of Human Relations –  Children and Young People’s Service, where I work with children, young people and their families. I am recently retired from NHS Glasgow CAMHS, where I was the clinical lead for Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy. Much of my work in CAMHS involved working with adolescents and their families, as well as supervising colleagues and inter-agency consultation.  I teach on the child psychotherapy training run by SIHR. I have a special interest and competence in consultation to residential units and inter-agency consultation.


It is a pleasure to be a member of APPCIOS and I hope to further interest in it in Scotland.



Joan Herrmann  BA (Hons), PhD

Member Association of Child Psychotherapists

Member of Scottish Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists


In-house Trainings

Our first formal accredited in-house training is starting this September.   It is being established within a small private fostering agency,  Greater London Fostering.  This is an agency that offers placements to around ninety children, and has a longterm commitment to psychodynamic thinking.   They are adding theory seminars and additional facilitated dynamics meetings to the programme of consultation and work discussion that has existed there for some time.  The input is being carefully planned to fit in with what staff there can manage, so that no-one will feel over-burdened by trying to go at too fast a pace.   I hope that they will achieve clinical accreditation for the senior managers and for several of the senior supervising social workers there within a relatively brief time scale.

I know that some of our members are also negotiating consultations with other social care providers in the private sector, with an accredited APPCIOS training in view:  but these will obviously take a little longer to develop.

I would be very interested to hear from people who are already consulting to a staff group or providing role consultancy or supervision for managers.  I hope we can help to develop work like this into formal in-house trainings on a similar model to the training at Greater London Fostering.


With thanks for the Launch Day

Interesting day in a new body still finding its feet – or maybe not its feet so much as the shape of its limbs.  I hope that there will be a space for me within at some point.  Most people at the launch seemed to be fully fledged therapists, which I would like to be but this is still a work in progress.  At present I have an MA from the Tavistock and some counselling training and work for the Infant-Parent Perinatal Service, with mothers (and less frequently fathers) and their young babies.  I’m looking for the best way forward to expand my training and would welcome any advice on how to work towards an accreditation.  Amongst other things I’d like to be able to run groups for parents and Health Visitors.

Many thanks also for the delicious food on Saturday, a welcome addition to the interesting debate.

Della Wolf

Launch Day

Hi all.

 I have finally got round to posting my thoughts on the launch day!

I really enjoyed the day and I met some lovely people that I would love to stay in touch with. It was great to hear other people’s perspectives of how APPCIOS could move forward and it was useful to be involved in the process.

I am currently involved, albeit in a small way, in promoting psychodynamic practice in the workplace and it was lovely to hear how this had worked for other people in different situations.

I look forward to finding out more about APPCIOS and how I go about becoming  a trainee member.

Best wishes