Launch Day

Hi all.

 I have finally got round to posting my thoughts on the launch day!

I really enjoyed the day and I met some lovely people that I would love to stay in touch with. It was great to hear other people’s perspectives of how APPCIOS could move forward and it was useful to be involved in the process.

I am currently involved, albeit in a small way, in promoting psychodynamic practice in the workplace and it was lovely to hear how this had worked for other people in different situations.

I look forward to finding out more about APPCIOS and how I go about becoming  a trainee member.

Best wishes



7 thoughts on “Launch Day

  1. Hi Jenny,

    I have been working as a volunteer support worker for the past year in the day centre of a local Mind, working with people with a range of mental health issues.

    The day centre offers one-to-one sessions, peer support and six week structured courses such as Anger Management, Self- Esteem, and Assertiveness. There are also weekly groups such as Anxiety and Depression group and Women’s Group.

    Mind also offers individual counselling, which is separate from the day centre, which I will contribute to as part of my psychodynamic training from October this year.

    Recently, Donna (Coupland ) the Clinical Operations Manager at Mind, implimented a ‘ thinking space’ for all day centre staff and volunteers, which has been taking place on a monthly basis. It has been a rewarding experience to have the opportunity to think together as a team and to discuss the emotions the people we work with evoke in us and to be able to reflect on the work we do.

    We are very keen to develop ways in which we can impliment psychodynamic thinking in our work.

    Donna and I talked with Phil Faulkner at the launch day and he mentioned coming to see what we do there.

    Best wishes,


  2. Are you free this week at all? I have to go to Kettering on Wednesday morning, so could come over then. If not let me know when you’re available and I’ll try and fit with you.

  3. Hi Phil, this Wednesday is all booked up, but if you were able to come over next Wednesday (25th) that would be good? Or we could do Friday (27th) in the morning? Let me know if either of these are doable

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