With thanks for the Launch Day

Interesting day in a new body still finding its feet – or maybe not its feet so much as the shape of its limbs.  I hope that there will be a space for me within at some point.  Most people at the launch seemed to be fully fledged therapists, which I would like to be but this is still a work in progress.  At present I have an MA from the Tavistock and some counselling training and work for the Infant-Parent Perinatal Service, with mothers (and less frequently fathers) and their young babies.  I’m looking for the best way forward to expand my training and would welcome any advice on how to work towards an accreditation.  Amongst other things I’d like to be able to run groups for parents and Health Visitors.

Many thanks also for the delicious food on Saturday, a welcome addition to the interesting debate.

Della Wolf


One thought on “With thanks for the Launch Day

  1. Hi Della,

    Thank you for your thoughts, and compliments about the food. Di Wells must take all the credit for this – it was superb wasn’t it!

    APPCIOS is an association that crosses professions, and crucially emphasises thinking in a pscyhodynamic way within organisational contexts. This can be demonstrated in various workplace and voluntary settings. It invites many varied professionals and different levels of clinical experience to contribute, and I’m sure that this means there is an evolving place for someone with your experience and skills.

    As we are due to talk this week, perhaps we can develop this thought further in our conversation.


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