In-house Trainings

Our first formal accredited in-house training is starting this September.   It is being established within a small private fostering agency,  Greater London Fostering.  This is an agency that offers placements to around ninety children, and has a longterm commitment to psychodynamic thinking.   They are adding theory seminars and additional facilitated dynamics meetings to the programme of consultation and work discussion that has existed there for some time.  The input is being carefully planned to fit in with what staff there can manage, so that no-one will feel over-burdened by trying to go at too fast a pace.   I hope that they will achieve clinical accreditation for the senior managers and for several of the senior supervising social workers there within a relatively brief time scale.

I know that some of our members are also negotiating consultations with other social care providers in the private sector, with an accredited APPCIOS training in view:  but these will obviously take a little longer to develop.

I would be very interested to hear from people who are already consulting to a staff group or providing role consultancy or supervision for managers.  I hope we can help to develop work like this into formal in-house trainings on a similar model to the training at Greater London Fostering.



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