Event on Mental Health

Here is an event run by Inside Government I thought some people might be interested in attending.


Wednesday 24th October 2012, Strand Palace Hotel – London, 09:00 – 16:10

A New Era for Mental Health: Improving Provision and Outcomes


Mental illness is the largest single cause of disability in Britain, with one in four adults experiencing a mental illness at some point during their lifetime. Mental health problems cost society an estimated £105 billion every year through lost productivity and avoidable costs, with treatment costs expected to double over the next twenty years.

The White paper Healthy Lives, Healthy People, published November 2010, recognised that mental health is central to quality of life, as well as economic success, and more recently, the cross-governmental mental health strategy No Health Without Mental Healthpublished February 2012 reiterates the coalition government’s commitment to improving the mental health and wellbeing of the nation with a focus on improving mental health outcomes and early intervention.

In support of this commitment, the government has stated that one million people with mental health problems will recover from their condition by 2014 because of plans to invest £170 million in psychological therapies, with an additional £22m being invested into a pioneering programme to give children with mental health problems access to the best available services in a wider range of places.


This forum will provide delegates with an analysis of reforms to mental health services and current government strategy for addressing mental health in the UK. Policy experts and best practice case studies will examine the new framework for mental health service provision and explore what needs to be done to improve outcomes for mental health, enabling delegates to understand how to enact changes in order to improve the nation’s mental health.


Delegates at this forum will comprise of public and mental health directors, heads of equality, mental health advocacy officers, NHS service managers, policy officers and, GPs, specialist nurses, social care managers and workers; mental health bodies, heads of children services, prison officers, housing officers and youth workers and will be drawn from central government, local government, NHS Trusts, health boards, educations boards, criminal boards and civil society.