Happiness is too close to hedonism : George Vaillent : Comment on ‘Today programme’

George Vallient from Harvard University was on the Today Programme (Radio 4) this week talking about Happiness. His conclusions based on a 70 years study include something we already know…

The right word for Happiness is emotional intelligence, skill at human relationships, joy, connection, resilience and Happiness is too close to hedonism and getting lucky.  True life fulfillment is about relationships.

To hear the interview follow the link




Certificated courses

We are currently beginning to work on a structure for brief certificated courses, that can be offered to the staff of organisations by APPCIOS members.  We hope to be able to create a protocol whereby these courses can earn credits for staff that undertake them, leading incrementally towards the possibility of completing modules, and then attaining qualification as an APPCIOS counsellor.  We would welcome comments from anyone interested in thinking about this with us.