APPCIOS blogsites

This forum has been very little used in the last couple of months.  This is because many people who first visited this forum as friends of APPCIOS have now joined as members – and have   become very active on the other blogsites that we run.

We have been putting a great deal of energy into constructing a supportive association for our members, and that has included creating confidential blogsites where small groups of members can share special interests and talk about their work. We also carry out all our administrative business via blogsite, and as we develop more committees we will be creating confidential blogsites for each of them.

Each work discussion, special interest, and committee blogsite will be posting updates on the members’ blogsite about the themes and decisions that are of general interest and importance, and we hope to contribute something to the community forum as well.

We hope that anyone thinking of joining will take a look at this blogsite, and contribute to it.  We are particularly hoping that our associate members will become lively contributors.

So meanwhile, here is a map of our other APPCIOS blogsites:

  • Members’ blogsite:  this is the general noticeboard for all APPCIOS members, and we hope to post a full list of our members here.  This blogsite is confidential to all full members, accredited and non-accredited.
  • Committee members blogsite:  this is the blogsite we have traditionally used to post agendas and minutes for the Management Committee meetings, and for the sub-committees formed by the Management Committee, including the Accreditation Sub-Committee.  We plan to subdivide this blogsite to provide separate confidential blogsites for the growing number of committees dealing with different areas of our work.  These will include:
    1. The Management Committee
    2. The Accreditation Committee
    3. The Development Committee
    4. The Scottish Committee
  • Work discussion and special interest blogsites.  These are blogsites with three-to-five members in each.  Members hold Skype meetings as well as blogging regularly with one another.  Special interest groups that we are currently planning are for:
    1. Work in schools
    2. Work with old people
    3. Associate members working towards full membership
  • The Community Forum: this is the blogsite you are currently reading, and which has been so shamefully neglected.  We plan to remedy this, and hope that you will help by posting your thoughts and comments.

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