APPCIOS is a Member Institution of the British PsychoAnalytic Council, promoting self-reflective psychodynamic practice within organisational settings.


On Saturday July 13th we held a small meeting to celebrate the first anniversary of our official Launch Day a year ago. Since then our numbers have grown dramatically, and it felt very necessary to update one another and to take stock of our progress and achievements.

Eighteen members attended and we got to talk face-to-face with many people whom we usually get no chance to speak with except over the phone, on Skype, on Webex or from conversations on a blogsite. Several people had only ever met one another this way – or hadn’t met at all – and the main agenda of the day was to get to know one another.

The formal part of the meeting began with a presentation prepared and presented by Jenny Carter, our Development Officer, and Jenny Sprince, Chair of our Management Committee, giving an overview of our progress so far and laying the ground for future developments. Our strategy over this first year has been to collect members who can be ‘grandparented’ in to our organisation. We will continue to do this, but we are now moving forward to develop training opportunities and support towards accreditation that will be accessible to anyone who works intimately with vulnerable client groups.

Jan McGregor Hepburn, Registrar of the BPC, gave us a brief overview of the BPC’s activities including the progress of its application to join the PSA (the Professional Standards Authority) and what this registration may mean. We don’t yet know what form the PSA’s National Register will take, and its entries may well include very little detail, but it will be the one National Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. It is probable that practitioners who are not on this register may find it difficult to get professional indemnity insurance, and that they may be less likely to be offered employment within Mental Health provisions, charities or other services. It may well be that therapists will in the future simply be asked for a PSA ‘registration number’ for various official purposes, including job applications. The BPC is an approved register holder, so registration with them will automatically put our members on the national register.

We are more than ever determined to make clinical qualification available for those who work on the frontline with vulnerable clients: to offer in-depth training through theoretical learning, self-reflective groups, and supervisory discussion of individual and organisational dynamics; and to provide accreditation for those who have already undertaken such training and who can evidence their expertise to our Accreditation Committee.

A new APPCIOS-accredited training

We have now formally agreed to provide APPCIOS accreditation to the Foundation Degree/BA in Therapeutic Communication and Therapeutic Organisations at the University of Essex.

We feel that this course demonstrates what we hope to achieve through APPCIOS. It is designed to enable front-line workers in education, health and social care to understand more deeply and intervene more effectively with those in their care and to use their  understanding of the psychodynamics of organisations in the service of new institutional awareness leading to a more therapeutic milieu.


All past and future graduates of this course can now automatically register as Associate Members of APPCIOS, and can apply to our Accreditation Committee for full membership. If they are accepted they will be eligible for inclusion in the BPC register.

Our own APPCIOS courses.

In addition to accrediting external courses, and offering bespoke trainings to small organisations, our members are now beginning to develop a series of APPCIOS-accredited courses that will be deliverable through small webinars and Skype conferencing, as well as face-to-face. Our first ever such webinar was presented by Phil Stokoe to a group of enthusiastic members on July 21st.

Phil Stokoe is now preparing a full programme of ten webinars to begin after the half-term. At the moment, these are for members and associate members only, but we hope in time to be able to offer them more widely, alongside a portfolio of other webinars.


We have been asked by the treasurer to mention that there are a number of members who have outstanding subscriptions. Keeping Appcios afloat means keeping the money in on time so we would be grateful if those who have outstanding subscriptions could turn their mind to it.

DBS (old CRB) Update Service

The Disclosure and Barring Service have introduced an Update Service.

You cannot register until you have a new DBS application and/or get a new counterpart certificate as part of a DBS application and you have to apply within 14 days of it being issued.

If you subscribe to this service any employer can go online (with your consent) and carry out a free instant check. You will need to show them your counterpart certificate. It should be helpful to anyone with multiple employment or in private practice.

Details on

It costs £13 a year and apparently lasts indefinitely.

My informant says to be sure that on your next DBS application Field X61 (line 61 and 62) is filled in correctly. The relevant workforce should be either Child Workforce, Child and Adult Workforce or Adult Workforce.