Living with an angry child A public seminar

This seminar will teach the psychology behind anger and how it tends to play out in children. Parents will learn specific techniques for decreasing their own anger and loosening the emotional stranglehold of an angry child.

Internationally renowned speaker and trainer Holly van Gulden brings together her professional expertise and personal experience to illustrate these issues for parents and professionals, offering them practical techniques to help adopted children..

Benefits of attending

·       Learn practical techniques to help an angry child

·       Learn how to manage your own anger

·       Learn about the psychology of anger and how it plays out in your child

About the facilitator

Internationally renowned counsellor and speaker Holly van Gulden has been training adoptive and foster parents and professionals for over 24 years. Holly’s refreshing blend of humour and compassion has led her to be invited back repeatedly to speak at PAC.

Holly is an adoptive parent and grew up in a multi-racial, international family comprised of six children born to the family, four adopted children and several foster brothers and sisters.This experience has given Holly an extra insight into what it’s like to grow up adopted and to parent through adoption.

Date in London:
Tuesday 18 November 2014, 10.00am

Date in Leeds:

Wednesday 19 November 2014, 10.00am to 4.30pm – in Leeds


Venue in London:
Resource for London, 356 Holloway Road, London N7 6PA

Venue in Leeds:
The Brown Crow & Dragon, Selby Road, Whitkirk, Leeds LS15 7AY



PAC and AAY subscribing local authorities:

Individuals: £78 (£ 93.60 incl. VAT); Couples: £146 (£175.20 incl. VAT)

Professionals: £135 (£162 incl. VAT)

PAC and AAY non-subscribing local authorities:

Individuals: £ 89 (£106.80 incl. VAT); Couples: £167 (£200.40 incl. VAT)

Professionals: £159 (£190.80 incl. VAT)


To register, please use the following link: , open the link to “Public seminars” and complete the online form. You will receive a confirmation as soon as the form has been submitted.


Kind regards


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