Titles ?

This is Jan McGregor Hepburn and I am the  Registrar of the British Psychoanalytic Council [BPC]. I very much enjoyed the APPCIOS Launch Day and found it very heartening to see many new and younger people, as well as meeting with older and more established  colleagues. The BPC very much wants to involved with the development of work using applications of psychoanalytic thinking, and APPCIOS is an excellent and innovative example of this which I and the BPC are pleased to have been able to help along.

I would like to start a conversation here about what we might call the more senior practioners in this field for whom psychodynamic counsellors are not an accurate description, and what criteria and assessment should be used for them. I would be very pleased to hear from other APPCIOS people about these matters; Jenny and I are starting to think about it and planning to do some work on it in the Autumn.

Meantime, have a good summer!