Thought Provoking Quotations

I thought it would be interesting to try to start a few user friendly threads and hope everyone will contribute.

Do you have a favorite quote from either a professional source or from literature with a organisational and/or psychodynamic bearing?

I started collecting quotes when I was a teenager and have always been amazed about the pearls of wisdom that emerge from the most unlikely sources.

To start the process off here is one that had a big impact on me many years ago…

“Beware the truth. Although much sought after truth can be dangerous to the seeker. Myths and reassuring lies are much easier to find and believe. If you find a truth, even a temporary one, it can demand that you make painful changes”.

(Frank Herbert – God Emperor of Dune Page 69  – 1981)


Please add your own quotes…


Happiness is too close to hedonism : George Vaillent : Comment on ‘Today programme’

George Vallient from Harvard University was on the Today Programme (Radio 4) this week talking about Happiness. His conclusions based on a 70 years study include something we already know…

The right word for Happiness is emotional intelligence, skill at human relationships, joy, connection, resilience and Happiness is too close to hedonism and getting lucky.  True life fulfillment is about relationships.

To hear the interview follow the link




I’m Phil Faulkner. I’m the Director of Thornby Hall therapeutic community in Northamptonshire,  where I have worked for 21 years. I was one of the first members of staff, in 2000, to complete the groundbreaking PGDip course in ‘The Practice and Psychodynamics of Residential Care’ (now Psychosocial Care) brought about by a collaboration between Peper Harow, The Tavi and Middlesex University. I am a member of the APPCIOS Management Committee and also of the BPC. I am due to leave Thornby Hall in August to work as a free lance Organisational Consultant and Psychodynamic Counsellor.